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XCredit Platform

Stake, Lend, Borrow Easily with XCredit Defi

In the next 15 days we will be launching the XCredit Platform. Earning XFYI is simple, you will provide liquidity to one of the platforms above, stake the output tokens in the distribution contracts (we will provide an interface for this), and you will earn a (governance controlled) amount per day.


Total supply: 32.000 XFYI

Private sale: 3.000 XFYI (SOLD-OUT)

Pre-sale: 7.500 XFYI

Uniswap liquidity: 10.000 XFYI (will be locked 1 year)

Staking rewards: 8.500 XFYI

Team: 3.000 XFYI (will be locked 1 year)

Meet the Team

XFinance is built by 4 Blockchain Expert Team Members

XCredit Features



XCredit members will be in Staking, earning extra XFYI tokens daily.


Loan your crypto to users in order to earn interest on your assets.


Deposit your cryptocurrencies as collateral and get instant access to stablecoin loans.


XCredit members holding XFYI tokens have full control over the ecosystem through systemic voting and governance rights.

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